Get the Winning Edge with a New IT Strategy in St. Augustine Beach, FL

A fast-moving high technology world in which computing information systems and telecommunications systems are inextricably intertwined. A zettabyte equals a trillion gigabytes. That is why you need a working, competitive IT strategy in St. Augustine Beach, FL.

So What?

It simply means this! More selling time does not mean more sales revenue for most organizations. In fact, if valuable face time with the customers is wasted or misused it can drive up the cost of sales. Your system IT tools and resources must be aligned with the (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy to maintain a competitive edge.

CIO or CFO or CLO will not take responsibility for corporate strategy and will not take the CEO Role. CIOs do face some of the following issues and are accountable for their corporate IT success and best practices. The following is a list of the current IT issues and the challenges.

Current IT Issues

  • Bring Structure To The Unstructured
  • Automation In The Cloud Age
  • Scale Your Network For The Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud May Be Best
  • Managing File Sharing Challenge
  • What Is Driving Spending
  • Strategic Approach to Mobilization
  • Mitigate Third Party Software Risks
  • Mobile Tips For IT Managers
  • A Successful ERP Strategy
  • Hidden Costs of Cloud Computing
  • Client Computing Strategies
  • Changing Mobile Relationships
  • B2B Cloud and Real World Solutions
  • Navigate Cloud Security Concerns
  • Next - Generation Storage Strategy
  • Simplify Time - Consuming IT Tasks
  • Trends in End Point Data Management
  • Guide to Virtualized Storage
  • Increase Scalability through the Cloud
  • Strengthen Your Business with Cloud Computing

What Our Clients Are Saying...

One-size-fits-all does not work with technology solutions. Therefore, technology is first assessed before solutions are provided. Technology is often a tactic in the strategic plan. Often, technology is played so that the corporation does not lose or fall behind completion.

Current IT Challenges

  • Smart Phone Software
  • IT Networking is Enabler of Cloud
  • (SCS) and Business Mobility
  • Top Networking Challenges
  • Predictive Analysis and Optimization
  • Cloud - Ready HR Environment
  • Cloud Encryption Gateways
  • Move Past Ad-Hoc IT Network Systems
  • Choose a Cloud Hosting Provider
  • (SCS) and Field Service Business
  • Business Transformation with the Cloud
  • What's Next For B2B and SaaS
  • Does Business Trust Your Cloud
  • Private / Public Cloud Strategy
  • Collaborate With New Unified Workforce
  • Top Data Center Challenges
  • WAN Optimization and Unlock Work Flow
  • Application Performance Management
  • No Password Sharing in the Cloud
  • Business Value Virtualization
  • Extend Your Business to China/ beyond

Why (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy and Why Now?

Many sales executives will say, the more data you have the harder it becomes to manage it. If your corporate sales revenue results depend upon how your social sales representative feels that day, then you have a problem.

In parallel worlds, broadly speaking, a CPU - which will be expected to run everything from spreadsheets to voice-recognition software to encoded video - has to be a generalist, competent at every sort of mathematical task but excelling at nothing. A GPU, by contrast, is designed to excel at one thing only: manipulating huge numbers of the triangles out of which all modern computer graphics are made. More and more data is not a business strategy. CRM software and other data collection applications are evidence of both.

It may be comforting to know the first CPUs were designed to perform simple video game functions.

However, more people spent an average of two hours each day using mobile applications in 2012, an increase of 35%. (Washington Post)

As mobile technologies become ubiquitous, organizations face unprecedented opportunities to better equip their sales teams with powerful new solutions. Soon Nordstrom will take your visa payment using a tablet. So what? It simply means Enterprise quality and image on mobile devices will become a simple tactic in the corporate marketing strategy. This will bring the consumer and the retailer closer to closing the sale.

Technology must demonstrate an ROI and that includes mobile. However, social networking and browsing are the most widely used applications on smartphones and tablets today. If you are trying to tame your tablet; this is not a successful strategy or use of sales time.

Many companies claim to have a mobile strategy just like their internet strategy from a decade ago. Many corporations lost business a decade ago because they did not have a clear IT strategy. A mobile strategy must do more than track expenses or be a marketing handbook.

IT and mobile technology is a tool and you manage technology around us. The smartphone and the tablet will offer simple feature and function capabilities. However, technology will not prepare a competitive sales strategy to win the business and forecast the revenues.


Today's worker is increasingly untethered. They are at work from any location and any device. IT leaders in companies of all sizes need unified communications to enable a flexible organization. How you can deploy UC technologies with minimal IT intervention, enabling a quick transition to an integrated platform from which apps, devices, and users co-mingle with relative ease.

As cloud computing infiltrates the enterprise and transforms the business, the CIO's role is also experiencing a transformation. The characteristics, the competencies, and the training and experience required are changing dramatically. The New CIO will be aligned with the corporate strategy and corporate direction. The New CIO will also have a Strategic Vision for the IT Department and Organization. Their leadership will be identified by the key measurements and critical success factors.

To reap the full benefits of cloud computing, the IT infrastructure must run efficiently. Many organizations, however, are operating an IT infrastructure that has been cobbled together over time and is based on disparate technologies that often are aging, labor-intensive to maintain, and difficult to adapt to changing workloads. Upgrading the IT infrastructure to support the latest cloud computing technologies can be a big undertaking. Corporations must choose a solution that greatly simplifies the task of building out an enterprise cloud infrastructure that can deliver on the promise of the cloud.


Cloud computing is often associated with CRM applications. But there are many CRM types and industry-specific applications or a new software promise of total success or your money back. However, CRM systems are practical; but they have not passed the "business case" test. CRM systems are still not used for strategic business purposes today.

We decided upon (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy. The Cloud has the single most important technical influence for business in over a decade. Corporations around the world have adopted the ubiquitous cloud as a way of doing business. For the foreseeable future, corporations have become totally dependent upon the cloud.

Revenue results or Sales results have been the single most important variable in any company's success formula. Corporations must be able to accurately forecast revenue results two, three, four months and sometimes a year in advance. Finally, "STRATEGY" has been one of the most consistent variables and guarantees of success in every corporation. That begins with their own OUTCOME and positive RESULTS.

Going Global Means Going Mobile

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