A Customized Competitive Strategy in St. Augustine Beach, FL

Definition: Competitive Strategy is based upon the Corporate Strategy.

To have a competitive strategy in St. Augustine, Fl, companies must create value for all the stakeholders in the company and those aligned with them. The competitive strategy has traditionally been known as the marketing strategy.

The job of the marketing team/strategy is to:

#1 - Serve the needs of the customer

#2 - Stay ahead of the competition

#3 - To create new markets (potentially global) for new clients

Some companies are in the business of transforming entire industries, but it is rare. It is important to recognize a set of core competencies vs. one single corporate strength or just one product as the winner. Bill Gates, from Microsoft, created many products for the sales forces to sell. Google, GE, Stryker, and major computer companies have followed a similar competitive strategy.

Sometimes, marketing can border on the edge of (order and chaos). However, that is because speed is a competitive weapon and is one of your competitive advantages. (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy will identify your core competitive strengths and provide your organization with a variety of added value propositions. The competitive strategy and the value proposition is designed to support each of the objectives described above.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

How can our company embed the skills necessary to smart-sell and cross-sell successfully at the same time? The B2B knowledge required and strategic sales practice is not part of the social sales methodology. What is our competitor's strategy and what is our strategy to win?

We cannot stop technological progress and the benefits of technology to predict certain future directions.

However, it does not always happen quite that way. It is important to be nimble, but during the past decade, the technology industry was oversold. Many products promised a vision of greatness and quick, quantifiable-financial-returns. As a result, the technology boom was a partial-bust, or some would say, it did not meet their expectations. As evidence, there are thousands of software applications and left-over products to prove the point. We are now in a new era, and a "new generation of technology" is back-in-front and is available and configured for the social user and the global competitor. Therefore, a corporation's current business plans call for a new technology strategy and are expected to forecast some future trends.

Will it be a boom or will it be a bust?

A real competitive strategy will guarantee your company is successful. Therefore, it is, "Competitive Transformation Time" once again. Before you become a social company doing business in the cloud, you must have a competitive strategy.

Facebook is the world's number one social network of all social corporations. However, they felt there was something missing. The shift from desktop to mobile applications was just one thing missing.

Until the first quarter of 2012, Facebook did not have a solid competitive strategy. In just six months, Facebook totally rebuilt its mobile application and invented an advertising business on top of it. This is a page from the "Corporate Strategy Plan." I called it, "Mutual." At the very same time, they also used a "Breakout Strategy." (See corporate strategy). Expect more "Breakout Strategies" during the next 24 - 36 months as companies must differentiate and enter new markets or lose to the competition.

The same competitive strategy might work in an economy, located in off-shore. Based upon the fact there are seven billion people in the world. There is more growth off-shore and there are more jobs created off-shore.

"Online tactical terms" used in a competitive strategy. I have experience in social networking and the unique marketing terms such as "like," "gross rating points," "reach," "frequency," customer "touch," and sales "attribution." These are simply marketing terms used for advertising purposes. They are tactics and should not be confused as a competitive strategy.

RIMMs "Research In Motion" is now "Blackberry." RIMMs once had a "Same Old, Same Old" corporate strategy. In January 2013, they left it behind and kicked off a "Breakout Strategy." This is a corporate move that requires considerable resources in every category. (See corporate strategy page). The terms of this strategy are much greater. As the saying goes, "Global is Mobile" (i.e., the internet example, demonstrated by "LinkedIn 1/2013")

Sales and Marketing have become aligned more closely than at any other time in history.

A strong competitive strategy is much more than a simple annual exercise, such as; "Where we have been and where are we going?" The 2013 workforce has the very best of four generations. The traditionalist, the boomer, the X'ers and the millennial generation. Presently, there are four generations working together to compete and outperform the competition in a direct fashion.

They will rework past strategies that were successful. They will also create new Break Out or Mutual Strategies. Regardless, new competitive strategies come from within the corporation and (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy can be used to avoid any misunderstanding. The added value proposition can be used to outsell the competition.

Both of the above corporations (Facebook and Blackberry) want to grow the top-line revenue and the bottom line earnings with confidence and consistency. Therefore, based upon their next steps, both of the above corporations and corporations with a similar objective will require a very unique and strategic and consultative sales force.

"Sales Management will invest in their resources and allocate across markets based on overall potential".

Marketing Strategy - Gary Hamel

Data mining does not provide all the answers; "customer surveys" or "predictive trend analysis," as the term is called or "micro marketing management." However, we are exploding into a multiple-option society and this has impacted certain chain markets.

What does this have to do with the tea in China?

It means, we must improve sales strategies and sales must integrate in real-time with marketing; to out-sell the competition. Knowing your "Competitors Strategy" is usually the best place to start. If you want to defeat your competition, learn from them first. It means you must know your competition, as well as they know themselves. It also means the competitive experience is the best ways to get strategy on your side. The future of selling and social-sales strategies will incorporate one-to-one visualization through the cloud. Snapchat is one example of a product launched in 2013. My company is called (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy.

"Micro Marketing Data" has been a selling tool and sales tactic since the first computer data systems were introduced. (See competitive strategy page). The information provides insights to the clients' needs for the marketing department and the telesales department. For example, the data can now determine where the most profitable markets are for the specific products being sold.

They are able to determine and create maps where the sales force and the marketing department can align. It means the sales force can qualify the customers better and shorten the sales cycle for a greater return. Corporations are able to align their most valuable resources with the appropriate marketing opportunity. This was one of the objectives described above. It means that every corporation can customize their value proposition and prepare their own (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy that is B2B or B2C.

From a dedicated sales force to a retail plan or a telesales strategy, it means every corporation can introduce the keywords into the revenue forecast meetings and build upon their corporate strategic direction.

However, here is one business issue. More and more data is not the answer to better intelligence or real-time analytics. Only 50% of the information proves to be consistent.

Very recently, research has shown a sharp increase in consumer concerns regarding privacy and security, and they are not sharing personal data.

Most CMOs feel unprepared for the complexity of the data and a change in strategies. In 2013, CMO’s do not know the next steps for a winning mobile strategy.

Aligned with the "CMO brand promise" is essential for any long-term sales relationship with your customer/clients.

You must build trust with the client in order to build a brand name for your product or service.

Your competitive strategy will fall short if you do not exceed customer expectations.

Another roundtable meeting to discuss the next steps or share more and more data is not productive.

There is an old but true statement that is still important today. The key variable is a (SCS) Sales Cloud Strategy and a lifetime view for every customer engagement vs. "data only" to create just a snapshot of the granular trends. Introducing change is extremely difficult. Introducing change is high risk. Without some professional assistance, only 30% of all corporations and organizational leaders will be successful. Therefore, organizational learning in the corporate classroom and tutoring is the ultimate competitive advantage and becomes part of the competitive business strategy.


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