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Who is Sales Cloud Strategy?

Terry McGlynn is an entrepreneurial executive experienced in managing sales, marketing, and operations. His leadership and management style has a record of building and retaining highly motivated sales and service teams. "Corporations must focus on the bottom line. Therefore, I lead my clients through the creative processes and the sales methods to develop unique strategies to outsell their competition."

Before heading this business consulting firm in St. Augustine Beach, FL, Terry graduated from Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. Terry earned a bachelor's degree and majored in economics. He is an MBA graduate from The Whitman School of Business, Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Terry majored in general management and corporate strategy.

Terry began his career with Xerox then IBM. He spent over seven years in direct sales and made over ten thousand B2B sales calls. His clients included major insurance companies as well as small and medium-size businesses. He also mentored younger employees in sales strategies and technically complex opportunities.

During the technology boom, many corporations rewarded those who could deliver solutions to substantial problems. Corporations develop world-class talent by building reputations as a great place to work. Located in Toronto, Terry joined Bell Canada, an international carrier and corporate parent of Nortel. Under his leadership as director of sales, he fostered a culture of continuous learning and innovation and the new creative sales strategies. Terry's group managed more than $200 million in revenues. They also negotiated unique and long-term customer service agreements with the major financial institutions located in Toronto.

Terry was recruited by a Chicago consulting firm that specialized in marketing and sales strategies and human resource development. As a management consultant and using real business opportunities, Terry helped to usher in the most current sales methods adopted by Global Technology and SaaS Corporations. The same strategies were used with manufacturing and telecommunication firms. Terry developed many contacts and has hands-on experience in North America and Asia. In his current role as a corporate consultant with his business consulting firm, Terry continues to make B2B executive sales calls.

Terry was recruited by CSC, Computer Science Corporation, as the vice president of sales, healthcare division. Terry was relocated to Detroit and was responsible for all aspects of the sales organization and the financial results. Terry focused on employee development, engagement, retention and performance. Terry introduced the new sales strategy methodology and a new added value selling process, which reduced the sales cycle time by over 20% and led to a greater than 10% increase in sales.

Terry was recruited by Verizon Communications as a strategic sales director and was relocated to Washington, DC. He led the corporate sales teams in the strategy and preparation and presentation of IT software and networking proposals. Terry developed a strategic joint partnership with a major computer services and outsourcing company. This established Verizon as the partner of choice in multi-year and multi-million dollar contracts.

Sales Cloud Strategy (SCS) is a culmination of three decades of strategic sales and marketing skills and human resource experience. There is plenty of advice coming from Washington, DC, and the best business schools. However, we have our own interest in training the next generation and creating a pipeline of management skills. Increasing global competition and limited resources are just a few.

With strengthened leadership skills and stronger strategic sales skills your company can become a trusted added value partner with your current customers and grow a new group of customers worldwide. Your next step should be to contact Sales Cloud Strategy.

Contact us to improve the success of your sales team and service professionals. We proudly serve business owners throughout St. Augustine Beach and all of Florida.